How to use?

FormulationAI provided a easy-to-use interface. Each task module can be employed to realize specific prediction just by clicking your mouse. Below shows some snapshots to lively teach you how to use FormulationAI. Take the 'Liposome properties' app as an example.

Browser compatibility

We tested FormulationAI on the following systems/browsers

OS Chrome Firefox Microsoft Edge Safari
Linux Ubuntu 20.04 LTS not tested 80.01 (64 bit) n/a n/a
Windows 10 106.0.5249.119 (64 bit) 107.0.1 (64 bit) 105.13.1343.50 (64 bit) not tested
Mac OSX 107.0.5304.121 not tested not tested 16.1
Android 11 not tested 107.2.0 107.0.1418.62 n/a